how i feel when i wear glasses vs how i feel without them. by AlliCattt

where’s her oscar because this is a full movie in 6 seconds

Anyone who asked for a reading, I will get back to you most likely tonight, and if not, tomorrow.

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Happy Bi awareness day! Bi people exist and it’s not a phase, a facade or a trick! We are also not greedy 😌 thanks and have a nice day!

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Spell to Get Over Someone

Tools needed:

  • A black candle for banishment and overrule, or a white candle for general use
  • Matches
  • 2 small pieces of paper and a pencil
  • Tape or string
  • A little non-flammable bowl

Step 1) Tidy up your room, and sweep the floor. Take a bath to cleanse yourself. Meditate, and then prepare your space.

Step 2) After you have drawn your circle, light the candle for banishment and overrule. Look into the flame and state your intent: I will get over (name of person).

Step 3) On the piece of paper, write down, My feelings for (name of person) and light it on fire with the candle. Put it in the bowl and imagine the flames represent your attraction towards the person going off into air, somewhere else, and never to be returned.

Step 4) After the paper has turned to ash, put the ashes into the second piece of paper and tie or tape them up tightly. Draw a little door with your finger so you can walk out of your circle, and then close it again. Walk down to the kitchen and open the freezer. Say:

These feelings are no longer mine

They will be cold and barren

Until the end of time

Throw the wound up ashes into the bottom of the freezer. Take something heavy from your freezer and slam it down on to the paper, as to make sure the feelings are banished. Slam the door shut.

5) Walk back into your circle, by “opening” and “closing” the door again with your finger. End your rite and close your circle.

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a little love story about mermaids and tattoos

Ah! Theawakenedstate reblogged a post of mine. This makes me feel like a giddy 7th grade girl at a concert who just made eye-contact with her favorite band member

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What is reactive hunger/reactive eating? How is it different from binging if you're restricting?



Reactive eating is when you are so malnourished that your body panics to try and get nutrients in your body to save you from dying of starvation. Bingeing is does not happen as a result of starvation; it is rather an uncontrollable urge to eat as a coping mechanism for other stressors. When you reactively eat, you are doing so because your body’s hunger cues are switched on after being suppressed for so long. Binges are not related to hunger and malnourishment.

– Nathan

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I'm really disturbed by your site. I followed the MinnieMaud guidelines and am now at my set point which is a BMI of 19. I don't care what anyone says, NO ONE should have to restrict their food intake at any cost. Regardless of all the health implications, food restriction leads to constant extreme hunger which is something no one should have to live with. Ignoring hunger to any extent is enough to turn someone suicidal.



I don’t believe that anyone should restrict, and I also don’t believe that anyone should force feed themselves. I don’t agree with Minnie Maud and  a lot of the advice being given, and I’m happy that it worked for you, but it won’t work for everyone.

Being against the minniemaud guidelines doesn’t mean op is for restricting. But then again, there are some MMer’s who have become delusional enough to think if you don’t follow the MM guidelines you are restricting.

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My Mabon altar! I really wanted to show the sun going down and I think it looks pretty nice ❤️


The Law of Attraction is always active. Some folks may have the idea that you set aside “Law of Attraction” time, or that you have to be thinking about the Law in order for it to be working, or that the Law of Attraction “might not hear” what you want. But the Law of Attraction is just another law of the universe, like gravity or relativity. It’s not a religion or even something that can be practiced, because it affects everyone, everywhere, even ones who don’t believe it.

The Law is active always, and it accepts and responds to the vibration you offer in every moment, whether you are wanting it to or not. You are constantly offering a vibration, even when you sleep. I really want everyone to understand that. Every thought you think is contributing to the vibration you offer, which attracts all components of your experience, and the direction of your creation is indicated by your feelings. Good feelings indicate you are thinking a thought that is allowing your greater well-being. Negative feelings indicate you are thinking a thought that is preventing or resisting your greater well-being.

We are all extensions of energy, we are all vibrational beings, and we can never be turned off as long as we live. There is never a moment that you are not offering vibrational energy. 

I would also like to add that the subconscious is at play here, too. Everything in your subconscious mind is manifesting in the same way that the conscious mind is manifesting. This is why if you’re thinking bad thoughts or feeling bad things, you should feel them & move through them instead of trying to dissociate from them in favor of better thoughts and feelings. Because if you dissociate from them, remember: they’re not truly gone, just repressed. And repressed thoughts go back into the subconscious, manifesting reality until you reintegrate with them.

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I think I’m going to do psychic readings again, for practice. So if you want one all I need is a (clear) photo of yourself and a first name. I will meditate on it and will get information out of it. I’m doing this for feedback though, so please provide it once I have replied.

DISCLAIMER: I’m only in the making and this is for practice. I’m not going to claim I’m accurate (as for now), but I’ve been practicing for a long time so I’ll probably get things right.

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people on tumblr who have those little friend groups and you’re just watching them be cool like


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I’ve been looking up amethyst pyramids on Ebay but the only one I found that was a size I like and from the U.S. just…feels really bad to me. It’s this murky purple color I don’t like and I get bad vibes from looking at it. Only problem is, the store downtown sells them for a whopping $270 and that’s super overpriced. Maybe the other crystal store sells one for cheaper? I wish I had all the money in the world for nice crystals. :l

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今日もいい顔〜 よか顔ね〜 Smile (via makonatu @makonatu | Websta (Webstagram))